Experiment on the Wrinkling of Circular Membranes under Torsion

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Publication year 1993
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Title Experiment on the Wrinkling of Circular Membranes under Torsion
Author Tomoshi MIYAMURA,Kenshi ODA,Yasuhiko HANGAI
Summary The wrinkling of a stretched circular membrane under in-plane torsion is a typical problem in the study of wrinkling phenomena. The above problem was analyzed by the authors with the use of the finite element method based on the theory of bifurcation. Theory of bifurcation was the basis of that analysis. In this paperĀEĆthe experiment of this problem has been carried out. FirstĀEĆisotropic elastic films were used for making quantitative comparison with the numerical analysis and Mikulas's theoretical solution. Material properties were evaluated from the result of the uniaxial stretching test. The distribution of the initial Stress was checked by calculating the stress from the obtained material properties and the strain that was measured by the strain gages. Then the relationship between torque and rotation is measuredĀEĆand the effect of initial stress on the configuration of wrinkles is studied. SecondĀEĆarusotropic or material nonlinear membranes were tested and the configurations of wrinkles are investigated. In the anisotropic material whose shear rigidity is not so strongĀEĆthe direction of the wrinkles was almost the same with the direction of the fiber in the membrane.