Studies on Air Cushion Membranes Using ETFE Films

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Publication year 2006
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Title Studies on Air Cushion Membranes Using ETFE Films
Author Masayoshi Nakai,Eiji Fujii,Yosuke Suzuki
Summary Large sports facilities using ETFE films have recently been attracting attentions in overseas. The trend has been growing also in Japan as seen in the publication of "Recommendations for Design and Construction of ETFE Films (draft)", while they have not yet commonly been used as a building material. Use of ETFE films in Japan is expected to be mostly in a form of small-scale pneumatic membranes. In this paper, air cushions, where internal air pressure passively changes, are focused as an effective design approach for the films and the researches by the authors, including a newly developed analysis tool and experimental tests, are introduced.