Limit state analysis of air-tube arch using truss element model

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Publication year 1997
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Title Limit state analysis of air-tube arch using truss element model
Author Masaya Kawabata
Summary Convergence of solution after wrinkling is generated might worsen considerably when the triangular or quadratic membrane elements are applied to the analysis of the membrane structure,and the solution can not be obtained according to the problem. This should note that these problems are mainly numerical matter and are not always structural collapse. On the other hand, the convergence of the analysis using truss elements are remarkably good,so significant solution is often obtained in the cases abovementioned. FEM analysis using the truss element model can be an effective method to grasp the qualitative tendency of the structures. In this report,the calculation to substitute the rigidity of the orthotropic elastic body for the material rigidity of the truss element model is formulated in the beginning. Next,some limit state analysis of air-tube arch are shown with the comparison of experimental results. Air-tube arch retains load carrying capability even after it deformed considerably against external load and some parts are wrinkled.