Post-wrinkling Analysis of a Circular Membrane under In-plane Torsion

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Publication year 1992
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Title Post-wrinkling Analysis of a Circular Membrane under In-plane Torsion
Author Tomoshi MIYAMURA,Yasuhiko HANGAI
Summary Wrinkling is one of the factors which should be considered when membrane structures arc designed. Tension field theory is a powerful idea to study the wrinkling on stretched membrane But detailed configuration of the wrinkling cannot be investigated by using this theory. On the other hand. there is an idea lo consider that wrinkling is a buckling deformation. The analysis of wrinkling using this idea was carried out. and the wrinkling mode at the point where wrinkling occurs could be obtained. In this paper wk. analyze the post-wrinkling phenomena of stretched circular membrane under torsion. The wrinkling which occurs in this model should be considered as the deformation due to the bifurcation buckling. The problem is solved by using the finite element method considering geometrical non linearity. Al first the bifurcation point (the point where wrinkling occurs) is searched by the eigen value analysis and the bisection method simultaneously. After finding the bifurcation point. The switching from the main path to the bifurcation path is done by using the eigen-vector which corresponds to the zero eigen value at the bifurcation point. Modified load incremental method is used in pursuing the bifurcation path. and the configuration of the wrinkling. and the region of the wrinkling which spreads with every torque increment are analyzed