Acoustic properties of permeable membranes

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Publication year 1994
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Title Acoustic properties of permeable membranes
Author Daiji TAKAHASHI,Kimihiro SAKAGAMI,Masayuki MORIMOTO
Summary Membranes used for building materials have a certain degree of acoustic permeabilityĀEĆwhich has been disregarded in general membrane-vibration theoryĀEĆan d may cause serious effects especially on the acoustic properties. In this studyĀEĆa theory for sound absorption and sound transmission of a single permeable membrane is presented. SubsequentlyĀEĆsound absorption of structures composed of air layersĀEĆabsorptive layers and the facings of membranes is investigated theoreticallyĀEĆand discussed in comparison with the experimental data measured by using the reverberation room method. The results are fairy in good agreementĀEĆthen the present theory will give an effective tool for prediction of the acoustic properties of this type of membrane structures.